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Thai business visa

This requirement is effective as from May 4. A copy of I.

A copy I. Such entry can be made by either air, land or sea. The Royal Thai Consulate-General reserves the rights to request for additional documents or to have an interview in persons. For stays exceeding these duration, purposes other than tourism, or for passport holders not listed a visa is required to travel to Thailand.

For further information, please direct to discuss any such application. Additional Information 4. The granting of change of type of visa and extension of stay is at the discretion of the immigration officer.

Retirement Visa Since the Royal Thai Consulate General Melbourne does not issue retirement visas, we are therefore unable to offer any information regarding this visa. It aims to facilitate applications of visa extension and work fisa e.

Thai business visa

Evidence of the certificate of Marriage and birth are required. For more information and a list of eligible countries. The objective of this centre is to simplify visa extension and permit issuance procedures to create a good investment environment.

The requirement of the submission of such police certificate is optional. Application Restrictions These passport or travel document holders must apply through the Royal Thai Embassy in Canberra.

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